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After what is possibly ten years to the month since starting Simple Folk Radio I've decided to bring the show to an end, or at the very least let it slip into that murky grey area of indefinite hiatus whilst I look into starting a new program for the radio.  Making this show has brought about some of my fondest memories and nurtured what I hope to be some life-long friendships, but it's time to leave my comfort zone and go in search of new challenges... and I've decided to go out with a bang.

This month I'll be spinning some of my favourite records and sharing a session with Allysen Callery, the perfect special guest for this final hurrah.

I first spoke to Allysen back in.. perhaps 2010, a good few years ago anyway.  She contacted me to say a simple thank you for making this show.  At the time she didn't really know many people around Rhode Island (US) who seemed to like the same music as we evidently did, and it gave her encouragement to keep playing her guitar and singing her songs. On the back of listening to the show and looking up some of those musicians and record labels I'd plug, Allysen has had an album released over here and toured Europe, and more importantly her circle of friends became that little bit bigger.  The reason I mention all this is that I started making Simple Folk Radio all those years ago as a way to help introduce people to some of the amazing music that doesn't make it onto those corporate sponsored radio playlists which make up 99% of radio these days, to try and do a little good by shining my tiny spotlight onto some art that was made for love, not fortune and fame... and it fills my heart to know that in some little way, it worked.

Anyway, I'd like to take this opportunity thank you, gentle listener, and all that have given this show their love and support over this last decade.
Thank you and take care,
Dillon x