the toothless hag of truthhag of truth
  • May we send you some music?
    Yes please, by all means, our stations address is...
    Dillon Swinhoe / Simple Folk Radio,
    Flat 2, 59 Norton Road
    Brighton & Hove,
    East Sussex, BN3 3BF,
    United Kingdom
    (Please refrain from gathering outside with pitchforks and torches)

  • What do you think of our music?
    As much as we love and appreciate being sent music, don't ask us to critique it.  Please understand we are never going to say anything negative to you about your music so don't ask us to "be honest".

  • Can we play on your show?
    If you'd like us to air a session by you simply send us an email, or a covering letter with a CD of your music.  If we're interested and are able, we'll be in touch (please don't be disheartened if you don't hear back straight away, this show is a hobby, held together by what few fleeting moments of spare time we muster between us)

  • We're looking to get a gig in Brighton, can you help?
    I'm afraid not, we've recently stopped promoting shows. You should look at the list of promoters in our 'friends' section.

  • I missed/loved your session with such-and-such, and I'm their biggest fan, will you send me a CD?
    I'm sorry but no, all of our past sessions can be heard in the shows archive, please don't ask us to make an illegal copy for you.

  • Will you be doing podcasts?
    No, we won't be offering podcasts due to the legal wranglings involved with making all of the music featured on this show downloadable, but all shows are availabe to steam from the archive.

  • Do you need a helping hand with your show?
    Hell yeah, we're always in need of help, please, get in touch, the more the merrier.

  • My question isn't covered here, how in the hell can I get an answer?
    Send us an email, or perhaps approach us in an aggressive manner demanding satisfaction.

a big thank you must be given the The Handsome Family, as we've used some of their own thoughts and feelings, like a divining rod, to keep us on the straight and narrow when answering these questions.